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Jacksonville technician shares tips to extend lifespan of ACs as temperatures rise, units fail

Jacksonville technician shares tips to extend lifespan of ACs as temperatures rise, units fail

  • PublishedJune 11, 2024

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With temperatures in the triple digits, AC repair companies have been slammed with calls of air conditioners failing.

The primary culprit of air conditioners failing is because of the compressor, experts said.

Brian Ward is an air conditioning technician with Chills On Wheels in Jacksonville.

“This heat is just taking these compressors out,” Ward said. “And they don’t make anything like they used to.”

Ward is among the AC technicians who have been slammed with calls as temperatures reach records in Northeast Florida.

“I would say definitely sign up with a maintenance program,” Ward said.

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News4JAX talked to Ward as he responded to a service call on a home on Jacksonville’s Westside, where the homeowner said he woke up to find the temperature inside his home approaching 80 and rising.

“The compressor is the heart of the unit. Once it goes bad, it’s relatively expensive to repair. With a unit this age, 14 years, you’re going to spend over a third replacing that compressor. You might as well replace it all,” Ward said.

While it may be too late for some at this point in the year, Ward said regular maintenance is critical.

Felix Rapadas said he recently replaced his old system which lasted 21 years.

“We got it maintained,” Rapadas said.

One of the most important things people should do to keep an AC unit running longer is to make sure the compressor is clean.

Ward also said it’s important to make sure no leaves build up in the unit and that nothing is obstructing it.

“Maybe spray off with a hose occasionally,” Ward said. “Keep stuff away from it.”

The Department of Energy shared the following tips to maintain an AC unit:

  • Change your filter regularly

  • Make sure the coils on your air handler are clean

  • Make sure your coil fins aren’t bent and blocking the air

  • Make sure your drain is clear, you can use a stiff wire to clean it

And when it comes to window units, Ward said people should make sure the unit has a good seal and the cold air isn’t escaping.

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