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Live | DCPS selecting its next superintendent

Live | DCPS selecting its next superintendent

  • PublishedMay 23, 2024

After a year-long search, DCPS has selected Dr. Christopher Bernier as its next superintendent in a unanimous decision.

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — UPDATE: Duval County Public Schools has selected Christopher Bernier as its next superintendent in a unanimous decision.

Right now, Duval County Public Schools is announcing who will sit in the superintendent chair starting this school year.

The two candidates’ past has been under the microscope for weeks to see who is best for the job.

Between weeks of interviews and community meetings, Dr. Daniel Smith or Dr. Christopher Bernier will move into the office at the Duval County Public Schools Administrators Building. A choice that hasn’t been easy for board members or parents to decide.

For candidate Dr. Daniel Smith, he served as the Loudoun County acting interim superintendent for less than a year, spending the rest of his short time at the Virginia school district as chief of staff.

Bernier was superintendent of Lee County Schools for two years. But DCPS parents have been sharing their concerns online about his name being involved in two federal lawsuits, after a high school baseball coach in the district sent out a racist text to players and coaches in the district.

DCPS told First Coast News on Wednesday that “nothing has changed regarding Dr. Bernier’s status as a finalist for our superintendent position,” and Bernier is transparent about the issue.

“One of the most complicated issues I’ve dealt with is going to potentially be an ESPN story, a ’30 for 30,’ regarding a baseball team that went through some some racial strife,” Bernier said. “But I appreciate the investment of time both formally, informally with the principal.”

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