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Naval Criminal Investigative Service warns of scam

Naval Criminal Investigative Service warns of scam

  • PublishedJune 12, 2024

Investigators said they first started getting reports about the banking scam in Norfolk, Virginia. Now, the scammers are moving south, including Mayport.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A warning for military service members on the First Coast. 

According to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, there’s a loan scam targeting financial institutions that primarily cater to those in the military. NCIS agents said they first started getting reports about this scam in Norfolk, Virginia and now they’re hearing about this happening in Mayport. They issued a warning for service members in North Florida, Kings Bay, Mayport and Jacksonville. 

In a news release from NCIS, the scammers approach the victim and ask where the nearest bank or credit union is located or ask if they bank with a specific financial institution. 

Investigators say they will then ask to meet there and ask for the victim’s phone for various reasons, such as they misplaced their debit card or they’re locked out of their account. This is how they access the victim’s banking information. They might bribe the victim with the promise of money for helping them out. 

NCIS reminds service members to:

  •  Never to give their phone to another person.
  •  Never offer financial transaction assistance to persons approaching in a parking lot.
  •  Never unlock their phone or financial accounts in the presence of unfamiliar persons, as this presents opportunity of fraud.

Most financial institutions will not reimburse the victim for funds stolen when the victim has provided their phone to another individual or unlocked their banking app.

According to NCIS, if a service member feels threatened or pressured into providing their phone to another individual, the service member should attempt to leave the area immediately and call 911.

 If you believe you have been targeted or are a victim of this scam, immediately contact your local police department to file a report, NCIS and your command (if military), and notify your bank.

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