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Columbia County juvenile offender graduates in jail

Columbia County juvenile offender graduates in jail

  • PublishedJune 4, 2024

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. — The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook Monday to congratulate a juvenile inmate for a special accomplishment.

Anthony Smith received his high school diploma while incarcerated. He is the first person in a Columbia County facility to accomplish this. 

Columbia County is working with a state program that helps young offenders continue their education. The sheriff’s office and Columbia County School District worked together to help Smith get his diploma.

“We all have ups and downs in life,” Smith said. “Always keep going in life and never give up. I also want to say I’m thankful for my support system and proud to say I made it.” 

“We congratulate Anthony on this achievement and hope this will help to set him on the right track,” Sheriff Mark Hunter said. “Programs like this are designed to instill a good work ethic while youth may be incarcerated in our facility, and give them something to look forward to upon being released. I want to thank our dedicated employees at the detention facility for fostering our partnership with the school district through this program.”

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