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Who is the new ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host? When Ryan Seacrest starts

Who is the new ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host? When Ryan Seacrest starts

  • PublishedJune 13, 2024

Pat Sajak has officially passed the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ hosting job to his successor.

WASHINGTON — Pat Sajak and Vanna White have officially welcomed Ryan Seacrest to the “Wheel of Fortune” family as he takes over hosting duties. 

In a promotional video posted online by USA TODAY, Sajak and White are seen showing the game show’s studio to Seacrest. 

“Well this is it Ryan, what do you think?” Sajak asks. 

“Impressive Pat,” Seacrest replies. 

Vanna White, who will continue as co-host alongside Seacrest, then tells him that she knows the contestants are going to love him. 

Sajak, who hosted “Wheel of Fortune” for 41 years and more than 8,000 episodes, then gave his incoming successor some insight on what to expect. 

“I think what you’re going to enjoy most is meeting the players and getting to know the audience at home,” Sajak explained. “People love this show…you’re never going to find a better job and you’re never going to find a better co-host” 

“You both make it look so easy,” Seacrest remarked. 

When is Ryan Seacrest starting “Wheel of Fortune”?

New episodes of “Wheel of Fortune,” with Ryan Seacrest as host, will start this fall. 

While an official start date hasn’t been announced, the past two “Wheel of Fortune” seasons have debuted the Monday after Labor Day. 

In his farewell message during the season 41 finale, Sajak thanked the viewers of the beloved game show for granting him the “incredible privilege to be invited into millions of homes, night after night, year after year, decade after decade.”

Sajak ended his “Wheel of Fortune” tenure as the longest-running host of a single game show in modern TV history.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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