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Steps to take to ensure your home is insured for hurricane season

Steps to take to ensure your home is insured for hurricane season

  • PublishedJune 3, 2024

City officials suggest coming up with a plan for hurricane season. Legal experts recommend homeowners and renters review their policy.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — While city officials suggest residents should create a plan for Hurricane season, legal experts recommend reviewing the insurance policy for their homes.

Jacksonville attorney, Khalil Farah, said homeowners and renters should look at their policy before the next major storm arrives. If one plans on making changes to their policy, Farah said it has to be done 30 days prior before anything goes into effect. 

Farah said residents should document and take pictures of their homes; inside and out. He said documenting everything will show insurance companies the condition of their home before and after a storm. 

The Jacksonville attorney mentioned how insurance companies could find a reason to not pay for what is damaged. 

Personal property can be insured. Farah said insurance companies will insure up to a certain amount. The local attorney said residents should ask to review their ‘personal property declaration.’ 

To Farah, not taking the proper steps to protect one’s home or insurance is not worth the gamble.

“Right now, especially in Florida, storms are becoming more and more common and they’re becoming more and more intense,” Farah said. “And so some people gamble and choose not to buy the insurance. But a lot of times, that’s a gamble that most people aren’t willing to make.” 

Also, Farah suggests getting flood insurance for anyone who lives near a body of water. 

Too many times, Farah said, homeowners rely on lenders to inform them if they’re living in a flood zone. He recommends getting an insurance attorney when companies are not holding up on their end of the agreement. 

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