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Camden County election officials say they’ve had to turn some voters away because they did not bring a photo ID.

KINGSLAND, Ga. — Election officials are hoping for a strong voter turnout today for the Georgia Primary.

In polling places across Camden County, voters have been coming in and out of their designated polling places, with others camping out all morning long, campaigning for candidates. 

At noon, Camden County Elections Office said just under a thousand people cast their votes throughout the morning, seeing steady crowds at polling places.

They’ve had to turn some voters away because they forgot their photo ID, so make sure to bring that to the polls.

Also, absentee ballots must be turned in at the Woodbine precinct located at 300 W. 8th Street by 7 p.m. for them to be counted.

This election is unique because Georgia has an open primary, meaning voters can choose either party’s ballot.

Shannon Nettles, the election supervisor of Camden County, says that although early voter turnout was higher than the state average, it’s crucial that more registered voters make a pit stop at the polls on Tuesday.

“We’re here to vote and we have local races going on that are very important and state races that we need the turnout for individuals that we want to run our counties and our states to be voted in,” Nettles explained. 

For those who voted in the Presidential Primary back in March, this ballot is different. 

Last March, voters visited the polls to secure their presidential nomination.

This time around, voters will choose who they want as sheriff, county commissioner and other local seats. 

“Absolutely need to vote if they want to have a say in what’s going on in our state and what’s going on in our county specifically. There’s a lot of local races as well as state races that are important,” Nettles added.

The Camden County Elections Office wants to match the 3,500 voters who participated in early voting or have even more people come to the polls for this primary election. 

Adding their vote today could make a huge impact on who gets a local seat. 

“A lot of people that I hear feedback are saying they are really more interested in the presidential election and are just going to wait until November and I certainly don’t recommend that,” said Nettles.

Voters have until 7 p.m. to cast their ballots, so make sure to check your designated precinct location and bring your photo ID before heading to the polls.

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