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FDLE investigating Jacksonville officer-involved shooting

FDLE investigating Jacksonville officer-involved shooting

  • PublishedMay 22, 2024

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has taken over the investigation into the shooting of a man wanted in South Carolina and Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The shopping center in the Oceanway neighborhood, where a suspect was shot and killed by law enforcement Tuesday, is back to normal operations. The suspect was wanted for rape in South Carolina and murder in Jacksonville.

The U.S. Marshals Service has been tracking the man and saw him on surveillance video. First Coast News Crime and Safety Expert Mark Baughman does not believe he had been in the area long.

“I think they were in transition. They Marshals were trying to track them down. People were moving, in this case of suspects always on the run. But Marshals are good, very good at tracking people and coordinating,” Baughman explained.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now leading the investigation. They have not released the name of the suspect who was killed or the name of the driver of the car who was taken into custody. 

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said the suspect was also connected to a fatal stabbing in Jacksonville last week. While JSO would not confirm which stabbing, First Coast News reported on a fatal stabbing on La Marche Dr. last Thursday where 29-year-old Corey Sampson was killed. Baughman said it is surprising the suspect stayed in the area if he was wanted for murder.

“Maybe he felt comfortable here, maybe he thought he could hide out. I’m not sure what was going through his mind,” Baughman explained.

While First Coast News continues to push for answers from FDLA and JSO, Baughman said investigators will now be looking into the relationship between the suspect and driver, and whether the driver was actually involved in any of the crimes.

“Probably going to be charged with aiding and abetting or accessory after the fact. And probably looking for those charges not only here in Duval County, but also up in South Carolina as well,” Baughman said.

FDLE told First Coast News the agency does not release names of suspects, officers, or witnesses while an investigation is still active.

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