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New report shows the cost of car insurance jumped nearly 2% in April. Here are some ways to save
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New report shows the cost of car insurance jumped nearly 2% in April. Here are some ways to save

  • PublishedMay 26, 2024

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new report from the Labor Department shows nationwide the cost of auto insurance jumped nearly 2% in April, bringing the total annual gain to over 22%.

Mark Friedlander, the Florida spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute, said that, overall, Florida drivers are paying amongst the highest average in the country.

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Friedlander said a lot of factors are to blame for this — some, people might not even think of right away.

  • Accidents happening more often and more severe

  • The rising cost of repairs

  • Severe weather impacts

  • More personal injury lawsuits are being filed

  • Staged accidents and other insurance fraud schemes

Not to mention, Friedlander said Florida residents driving around with no insurance impacts everyone.

“Florida has 15.9% of its drivers uninsured. That’s about one in six drivers. That makes it more dangerous for everybody. And it makes it more expensive for everybody. Because all of us who follow the laws and purchase insurance to meet state requirements are paying for those drivers that avoid the laws and don’t buy car insurance,” Friedlander said.

So, what can people do to save on their car insurance plan?

A great start is having good credit and a good driving record. That means no accidents or moving violations for about three to five years.

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Friedlander said insurance companies offer discounts – people just need to look for them.

  • Be sure to ask about bundling your car and home insurance. That could lead to some savings.

  • Take a defensive driving course.

  • If you pay your premium upfront for the entire term, some insurance companies will reduce it.

  • Other discounts can be for active duty military, veterans, or senior citizens.

“If the discounts are not giving you enough relief, it may be time to shop. And we recommend if you’re going to shop your coverage, get at least three quotes. So you can compare costs and coverages. The ideal scenario is to get the most coverage for the best price,” Friedlander said.

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