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Georgia: May 21 primary election; here’s what’s on the ballot
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Georgia: May 21 primary election; here’s what’s on the ballot

  • PublishedMay 19, 2024

Georgia voters will head to the polls May 21. Here’s a county-by-county guide with everything you need to know about what’s on the ballot where you live.

GEORGIA, — Georgia’s Primary Election is May 21. Voters will decide who will be the next holders of local seats such as sheriff, county commission, various judgeships, tax commission, and coroner.  Early voting starts Monday and ends May 17.

Here’s a county-by-county list of everything on the ballot where you live and dates you need to know before Election Day.

April 22: Voter registration deadline

May 10: Absentee ballot request deadline

May 21: Absentee ballot return deadline:



Brantley County Commission Chair:

  • Chris Allen (Republican)
  • Chris Harris (Republican)

Brantley County Probate Judge:

  • Cassie Lee (Nonpartisan)
  • Jonathan McMillan (Nonpartisan)
  • Justin Smith (Nonpartisan)

County Legislature/Executive Board

  • Position 2: Hall Herndon (Republican)
  • Position 3: Randy E. Davison (Republican)

Brantley County Superior Court Clerk

  • Debbie Sirmans (Republican)
  • Harry A. Strickland (Republican)
  • Wyatt C. Blount (Republican)
  • Pat Dowling Tompkins (Republican)

County Court Chief Magistrate

  • Jeff A. Thomas (Nonpartisan)


County Superior Court Clerk:

  • Joy Lynn Turner (Republican)
  • Morris Wayne Peeples (Republican)
  • Lillian Elizabeth Soles (Republican)

County Court Chief Magistrate

  • Jennifer Elaine Lewis (Nonpartisan)

County Court Probate Judge

  • Robert Carleton Sweatt Jr. (Nonpartisan)


Early Voting location: Elections & Registration Office, 1520 Third St., STE C, Folkston, GA

  • Ernest “Dobie” Conner (Republican)
  • Robert W. Phillips (Republican)
  • Ronnie Buck Pollock (Republican)
  • James M. McGurn (Republican)
  • Debra T. Mizell (Republican)

County Legislature/Executive Board

  • District 2: James E. Everett (Democratic)
  • District 3: Jesse Crews (Republican)

County Superior Court Clerk

  • Wendy Whitaker-Lee (Republican)

County Coroner/Medical Examiner

  • Blaine Murray (Republican)

County Court Judge/Probate-Magistrate


County Commission – At Large

  • Elizabeth Atkins (Republican)
  • Walter Rafolski (Republican)
  • Julian “Puddy” Smith (Republican)
  • Maria Lugue (Nonpartisan)
  • James Wrixam Mcllvaine (Nonpartisan)
  • Rebecca J. Walden (Republican)
  • Brenda Moody Boone-Cove (Nonpartisan)
  • E. Neal Jump (Republican)
  • C. Teeple Hill (Republican)

County Coroner/Medical Examiner:

  • J.L. “Jeff” Chapman (Republican)

County Court Chief Magistrate:

  • Kelly S. Lanier (Republican)


County Legislature/Executive Board:

  • Danny Christmas (Republican)
  • Troy Mattox (Republican)
  • Harold Rozier (Republican)
  • Randy Dixon (Republican)
  • James Jim Riggins (Republican)
  • Ramsey Bennett (Republican)
  • H. Grady Wilson (Republican)

County Coroner/Medical Examiner:

  • Kellyn Carter (Republican)
  • William L. Wilson Jr. (Republican)

County Superior Court Clerk:

  • Stephen Duncan (Republican)
  • Nicole Scurry (Republican)

County Court Chief Magistrate:

  • Shelly Herndon (Nonpartisan)
  • Moye Howard (Nonpartisan)


County Coroner/Medical Examiner:

  • David L. Jordan (Republican)
  • Atha M. Lucas (Republican)
  • Roger E. Collins (Republican)
  • Cindy White (Republican)

County Probate Court Judge:

  • Steve A. Barnard Sr. (Nonpartisan)
  • James E. Cady (Nonpartisan)
  • Chester W. Joyner (Nonpartisan)
  • Janet D. Thrift (Nonpartisan)

Ware County Commission Chair:

  • Elmer Thrift (Republican)

County Superior Court Clerk:

  • Samantha “Sam” Bennett (Republican)

County Court Chief Magistrate

  • James N. Grantham (Nonpartisan)

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