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Convicted Nassau County cop killer asks for life sentence
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Convicted Nassau County cop killer asks for life sentence

  • PublishedMay 17, 2024

The jury recommended the death penalty for Patrick McDowell on April, the man who killed Nassau County deputy Joshua Moyers in 2021.

NASSAU COUNTY, FLORIDA, Fla. — Patrick McDowell, the man who killed Nassau County Sheriff’s Office deputy Joshua Moyers during a traffic stop in 2021, has filed a motion for a life sentence about three weeks after he told jurors to give him the death penalty. They voted 11-1 in favor of the death penalty.

On Tuesday, McDowell’s attorneys submitted amotion for a new penalty phase, stating the court “erred” on 20 occasions including denying the change in venue, allowing victim impact testimony and it disputes various parts the state’s death penalty guidelines.

The memorandum for a life sentence cites McDowell’s service in the Marine Corp in Iraq and private contractor Triple Canopy and subsequent PTSD. It referred to “the violence against Deputy Moyers as an aberration of his behavior.” The document also referred to his substance abuse prior to the deadly traffic stop and McDowell’s relationship with his teenage son. The document said McDowell is “extremely” remorseful.

The jury’s decision in April came after three-and-a-half hours of deliberation. The trial itself lasted for 20 days. 

McDowell asked if the judge would reopen the evidence phase of the trial so that he could take the stand. McDowell read a letter to the courtroom, saying he deserves to be put to death over receiving a life prison sentence.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said McDowell is a “liar, cheater, druggie and a murderer,” and that it was “proven in court.”

“He’s a cop killing, evil person, and he deserves to die a violent death just like he gave deputy Moyers. He does not deserve any better than that,” Leeper said. 

Nassau County Public Defender Alan Chipperfield said Leeper’s statements “inappropriate.”

“It’s not a joyous occasion, should never be for anybody, when a human life is being taken,” Chipperfield told First Coast News

A pair of jurors also shared their perspectives about the verdict.

After shooting Moyers during the early hours of Sept. 24, McDowell was captured about five days after the shooting after an extensive manhunt.

His next hearing is set for June 3.

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