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Youth Leadership Council Position Descriptions

Youth Leadership Council - Jacksonville (IN-USYL)

Indo-US Chamber Youth Leadership “created in 2014, is a year-long program that brings together a select and diverse group of high school students with demonstrated leadership ability. It was created as a vehicle to stimulate the growth and development of young leadership in our community”. It prepares young individuals to become ethical leaders committed to activate community involvement.

Indo-US Chamber Youth Leadership Council will have 6-Primary positions and no more than 12- Volunteer Positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Program Director, Marketing Director and Secretary. Each position will have an expectation to drive the results. Students apply through Chambers web-site or thru their high school (if available) during their freshman year or above and the selected students participate during their the following year.

Eligibility requirements include:
  • Attend a high school in Duval, Clay, or St. Johns County.
  • Be at-least a freshman to apply for the program that will start in the sophomore yr.
  • Be approved by the high school Counselor / Principal. (if available thru your school)
  • Demonstrate proven leadership ability in school and/or community activities.
  • Have an interest in addressing the issues confronting the First Coast communities.
  • Commit to full participation in the program.
  • Be academically sound, an average of “B” or better is recommended.

Program dates: July – June

What are the Program Goals?
  • To develop into a responsible, ethical leader committed to help community.
  • To develop effective communication and decision making skills with leadership qualities.
  • To share an interest and show increased awareness of needs of our community, their problems, opportunities, and resources.
  • To gain a greater understanding of present day issues through interaction and find solutions thru problem solving with peers, community leaders and decision makers from all segments of the community.
  • To provide hands-on experience with specific facets of the community such as diversity, government, human services, and business. Each event combines a behind-the-scenes experience with a great deal of interaction with the appropriate community leaders

How will the Council be selected?
  • The selection process for the program takes place during the student’s freshman –junior year. Selected students may participate in the program during the following year in high school.
  • Students fill out the written application that is due in February-March. Interviews take place April through May, with the team selection complete by June 1st each year.
  • Students nominated by Chamber’s Board of Directors or Executive Committee will go through a thorough selection process involving a written application and interview.

Rules and Guidelines :
  • IN-US Youth Leadership Committee will continue to be part of Indo-US Chamber of Commerce of North East Florida, a non-profit organization that was founded in 2003 and has successfully been providing an active forum in which Asian American professionals and business owners, through an exchange of ideas, with a unified voice, to communicate, interact, and promote professionalism and excellence through education and community involvement.”
  • Meetings will be held once a month, 1st Sunday of the month, either by conference call or in person.
  • Youth Committee requires a participation of the Youth Leadership in at least 80% of the events for the year.
  • All decisions will be approved by IN-US Youth Leadership President in consent with Chamber Board.
  • IN-USYL will work closely with Executive Committee of the Indo-US Chamber to strengthen the Leadership Program.

Youth Officers Positions: Open to all High School Students
  • None of these positions are paid or compensated in any manner, except earn volunteer hours.
  • Must be working closely with Chamber Youth Committee for at least a year prior to be considered for any position.
President : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as a President.
  • Will be responsible to appoint officers of the Youth Committee in agreement with Mentor from Executive Committee or Advisory Board of Indo-US Chamber.
  • Will develop program and events in agreement with Mentor from Executive Committee or Board and/or President.
  • To serve as a Chair of the Youth Committee and be the spokesperson for the committee.

Vice-President : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as a Vice-President.
  • To perform all duties of the President as expected in his/her absence.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the President of the Youth Committee

Treasurer : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as a Treasurer.
  • Keep track of all funds generated and expenses incurred by the Youth Committee
  • Work closely with the President of Youth Committee and the Treasurer of Chamber’s Executive Committee, to ensure accuracy in handling YC’s income/expense.

Program Director : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as a Program Director
  • Manage and coordinate YC events plus support Chambers events as needed.
  • Organize a team for planning and facilitating event decoration, food serving, info-distribution and cleanup

Marketing Director : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as MD
  • Promote events and Youth Committee programs thru Chambers web-site and other established modes of promotion.
  • Compile all the efforts and contributions made by YC to submit it to Chamber’s Communications VP/Director in a timely manner.
  • Oversee all the contributions from the team to ensure YC is on the forefront.
  • Work closely with Chamber’s Communications VP/Director to provide support and well deserved visibility to YC

Secretary : Only Sophomore or above in High School can serve as Secretary
  • Send meeting reminders and related information to the Youth Committee as directed by the YC President.
  • Keep accurate minutes of all the meetings, and provide update to YC as needed.
  • To perform such other functions and duties, as may be voted by the Youth Committee Leadership Team.
  • Keep the attendance roster for all Youth Committee meetings and the events

Additional Volunteers : Limit to 12 Volunteers.
  • It is recommended that all volunteers are High School students.
  • For further growth and opportunity to hold any Youth Committee Leadership position, it is required that student must have served the Chamber Youth Committee for a year prior to applying for the positon.
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